Our Solution

In 2018, Arkansas voters passed Issue 5 to raise the minimum wage with 68 percent support last November. ¬†The wage increase has already begun to help tens of thousands of ¬†Arkansans who are working parents – health care workers, classroom aides, waitresses and skilled assembly line workers — who put in an honest day’s work and still struggle just to get by. ¬†Politicians are now trying to take that away by lowering wages even further, back to just $7.25 an hour. That is only $15,000 per year for a full time worker.

Voters knew exactly what they were voting for when they decided to put more money into the pockets of hardworking Arkansas families. Taking away this much needed wage increase is bad policy and even worse politics. Arkansans for a Fair Wage will make sure every voter in Arkansas knows which politicians stood with voters and which sided with corporate special interests.

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